Timing Is Everything

Every person has their own timelines. We might hear of our friends marrying after graduation and getting a good job at 25 but we had it 10 years later in life. Someone might have built his own house at the age of 30, while you’re still struggling in making both ends meet at a rank-and-file job at 35. Don’t compare your life to others, for everything has its own time and season under the sun. No matter how badly we want it sooner, no matter how much we beg and plead, everything will happen in God’s timetable and if we follow His pattern, our life will flow out smoothly and harmoniously. To study the science of perfect timing, we turn to the study of Astrology to see how the transits of planets influence our coming years.

Astrology is based on the belief that the movement of the planets and the stars affects our life on earth. Not everyone acknowledges these effects, but those who are interested in astrology review their previous planetary transits and see how it has influenced their energies. This site will explain how the transits of our planets will reveal our divine timelines. It is a common misconception to think that astrology determines our fate. The truth is, astrology only reveals our innate abilities and potential and it is our choice to use these potentials on good account. Astrology can’t really predict what happens to us in day-to-day life because it only gives us energies and opportunities that are strong at any given time. Astrology interprets and empowers our individual realities and increases our awareness and knowledge of ourselves and of the people around us. Astrology is also not against religion or our Catholic faith. God uses science to explain everything that happens in our surroundings. By studying the power of your planets in your chart and its relation to the stars and other planets, you’ll get a glimpse of the challenges and opportunities at a certain point in your life. You’ll get an inkling of the best time to get promoted from work, the best time to take up your master’s degree, find new love, sign a contract, or travel, and you can take advantage of the good timing.

Over the years, people have come to regard the birth chart as a blueprint of the soul’s intent. If you view life as an opportunity to achieve those intentions, you will realize that astrology is not all about predictions. People discovered that certain aspects in our birth charts coincide with certain tensions and stresses in our lives. Additionally, it was determined that some of these aspects also matched areas of ease and pleasure in our experiences. This will be the tool for you to time your events that works for you.

As you begin trusting your intuition, you’ll come to realize that we really are masters of our own destiny. We have our own choice and freewill even if our souls select the circumstances into which we are born. Nothing in this life is set in stone. We are responsible for our own destiny. We make life happen to us. Astrology deals with patterns and it makes us aware of the opportunities we’re given at birth that help us achieve what we want. The obstacles in the pattern warn us to be ready on the big challenges that may come, reminding ourselves that it shall soon pass as the planets continue its transit in our chart.

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