“Often you almost literally fear you’ll die if you stay in that emptiness, and in a sense that’s true. A given sector of the personality will die if you don’t keep trying to fill it up. But there is something deeper… [this emptiness] is very spacious, and it’s anything but deficient. It is the beginning of opening up to our true selves—to the empty space in which everything arises, to the ground of our fundamental nature.” – Sandra Maitri


“For this reason, internal chaos needs to be cherished as the indicator that an underlying assumption, world view or self view needs to be brought into question. Once the limiting structure is seen and released, more space becomes available. In this way, chaos can be seen as the fuel or energy which can guide us back to Quantum Consciousness.” – Stephen Wolinsky

“It had never occurred to me that feeling empty might actually be a route to something deeper and richer within.” – Tony Schwartz

“The most important thing in art is The Frame. For painting: literally; for other arts: figuratively—because, without this humble appliance, you can’t know where The Art stops and The Real World begins. You have to put a ‘box’ around it because otherwise, what is that shit on the wall.”

“When we are in this state of being, where we are open to life and all its possibilities,’ willing to take the next step as it is presented to us, then we meet the most remarkable people who are important contributors to our life. This occurs in part through the meeting of our eyes; it’s as if our souls instantly connect, so that we become part of a life together at that moment.” – Joseph Jaworski

“When this new type of commitment starts to operate, there is a flow around us. Things just seem to happen. We begin to see that with very small movements, at just the right time and place, all sorts of consequent actions are brought into being. We develop what artists refer to as an ‘economy of means,’ where, rather than getting things done through effort and brute force, we start to operate very subtly. A flow of meaning begins to operate around us, as if we were part of a larger conversation.” – Peter Senge

“Again and again, the sacred texts tell us that our life’s purpose is to understand and develop the power of our spirit, power that is vital to our mental and physical well-being.” – Caroline Myss

“An innate quality among sentient beings, particularly among human beings, is the urge or strong feeling to encounter or experience happiness and discard suffering or pain. Therefore, the whole basis of human life is the experience of different levels of happiness. Achieving or experiencing happiness is the purpose of life.” – His Holiness the Dalai Lama

“You are born with a character; it is given, a gift, as the old stories say, from the guardians upon your birth….each person enters the world called.” – James Hillman

“Man would rather have the void as purpose than be void of purpose.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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