“Just how much time do you spend thinking big? I mean, really, really BIG?

Good, very good!

Because that’s exactly how much of ‘It’ you’re going to get! What a coincidence.”

– The Universe, through Mike Dooley, Notes From The Universe

If I told you there have been no mistakes, that I understand every decision you’ve ever made, and that the challenges you’ve faced, you’ve faced for everyone, would you listen?

If I told you that what you dream of, I dream for you, and the only things “meant to be” are what you decide upon, and that all that stands between you and the life of your dreams are the thoughts you choose to think, would you try to understand?

And If I told you that you are never alone, that there are angels who sing your name in praise, and that I couldn’t possibly be any more proud of you than I already am, would you believe me?

Would you? Even if I pulled your leg, made you blush, and winked between the lines?

Then I shall…”

– Mike Dooley, Notes From The Universe



“Do you know what happens just before something really incredible takes place? Something mind-blowing? Just before a really huge dream comes true?

Do you? Nothing.

Nothing happens. At least not in the physical world.

So, if perchance, right now, it appears that absolutely nothing is happening in your life…consider it a sign.” – Mike Dooley

“It’s you who decides on your mission and fate. For how else could you learn of your gift to create?” – Mike Dooley

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