Now You’re Talking

“When you talk, I will listen!”

Click to buy this book.
Click to buy this book.

Andrea Blythe Barrett dials a number randomly late one night when she decides not to attend their school prom after her breakup with Alvin. A guy named Wacky answers the phone and soon becomes her bosom buddy after a week of exchanging calls and messages. Just when they are about to realize that they are starting to like each other, along comes a series of miscommunication when Alvin decides to win Andrea back.

Andrea tells her best friend Codie that she’s falling for Wacky, but she tells her sister Casey that she’s not yet over Alvin. Alvin tells Wacky that he wants Andrea back, and Casey tells Wacky that Andrea is still in love with Alvin. Hearing this from Casey, Wacky decides to keep Andrea at arm’s length and helps Alvin win Andrea back but Alvin tells Codie that Wacky is mad upon learning that Andrea likes him because she is making him a rebound. Codie, soon tells Andrea that Wacky hates her and Andrea becomes furious about Casey telling Wacky that she’s still in love with Alvin and to Codie giving Alvin the phone number of Wacky. Andrea affronts Alvin for approaching Wacky, and she disses Wacky for believing anything he hears without asking her.

After many phone calls and a lot of tears, it’s time to call it a day and switch all their cell phones off. Until they will not learn the value of direct communication, nobody is going to talk.



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