Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later

“What was the first book that has inspired you to read?”

Sweet Valley ConfidentialBecause March is a National Reading Month, let me feature the series of books that had first inspired me to read when I was thirteen as my blog this month. Who will ever forget the fictional identical twins who are radically different in terms of interest, character, and choice of fashion?  We followed them from their grammar school all through their high school and college years and we witnessed their heartbreaks, frustrations, happy times, and tears together with their friends. Aren’t we intrigued to know how they have fared ten years later? Who ended up with whom? Who got married? Who moved out? Who died? Well, who would have guessed that Jessica Wakefield ended up being married to Todd Wilkins, the long-time ex-boyfriend of her twin sister Elizabeth Wakefield? And who would have guessed that Elizabeth would end up with the guy she hated since she was a kid and whom Sweet Valley considered as The Bully and Snob: Bruce Patman! We all want Elizabeth and Todd forever, but a great story will always surprise us with the unexpected turn of events. Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later left me with a feeling in the doldrums thinking that I might not be able to hear from these characters again after reading this book. Francine Pascal was very successful to create characters that are realistic that you can’t stop thinking about them in your everyday life. I want more books from Sweet Valley even when the characters turn 40 and have kids of their own. Why Sweet Valley? Well, it came into my life naturally. We had plenty of this collection in our library in high school and since I couldn’t afford to buy my own book during those times, I had my alma mater to thank for. It seemed I grew up in Sweet Valley! How about you? What was the first book that has inspired you to read?

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