The Longest Ride

“A love that continues to follow us in the longest ride we have called life.”

The Longest RideThe story follows the lives of two loving couples who stand by each other’s side through thick and thin and until death claims the life of the other. Ira Levinson is depressed to have lost his wife and lives to be a hermit in his remaining years. Luke Collins is a bullrider who is adamant to go on with his rodeo circuit despite being injured, to save the financial stability of his ranch. Without wanting to worry the love of his life Sophia Danko, he makes his concussion a secret but he later confesses to her the implications it might cost him to ride again. Sophia threatens to end their relationship if he insists on riding again and through the dilemma, Luke decides to quit riding. On one date, the couple finds a crashed car with Ira inside. They rescue him and Ira requested the couple to  keep his love letter to Ruth found in his car. When the couple visits Ira in the hospital to check his condition, Ira asks Sophia to read the love letter to him. Reading the letter, Luke and Sophia are moved to Ira’s undying love with his wife. The couple soon finds out in the news that Ira wasn’t able to make it in the hospital. After Ira’s death, an auction is held for all of Ira’s properties since he and Ruth didn’t have children who will inherit them. The priced properties mainly consist of the art collection of his wife Ruth and included in those collection is Ruth’s portrait, a gift from one of Ruth’s students who was once very special to her. Luke bids on this first item despite the apparent semblance that it was a work of an amateur and nobody in the room wants it. Luke considers the portrait to be very special since it was the painting that was very important to Ira and he thinks that it would connect them to his memory. After winning the bid, the will is revealed by Ira’s lawyer that whoever wins the portrait of Ruth will get all of the remaining collection. A story which reminds us once again that material things, no matter how precious it is to us, are nothing compared to the ageless love we have with our better half. A love that continues to follow us in the longest ride we have called life.

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